I created (really recreated) this guide after following sniffle's guide hosted at ccroms.net and finding a few things that had changed since he initially posted it and having to hunt down the resolutions I thought to myself "this needs to be updated". After seeing a few posts on different forums with people going through the same issues I had...sometimes even more as pointers in the original document now pointed to invalid locations or changed source code I decided it was time to write the guide with as much updated information I could find.

To make sure each step written would function, I created a new virtual system of Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, though initially I had completed the steps on Ubuntu 10.04 32bit, walking through each step as it was written. This should have all the current steps needed (as of 10/09/10) to build a stock AOSP Motorola Droid Rom. It does not include anything that is not open source and requires you to pull the proprietary motorola files from your phone (scripts are included thanks to Koush's repository). I tried to be complete and as direct as possible marking each "y" or "yes" that you may encounter.

This includes configuring your build environment, downloading the source, adding koush's device repo for the Motorola Droid and finally adding Superuser to your build and busybox. You can check sniffle's guide for build.prop modifications and for not including the recovery in the ota.zip.

I have included the compiled ota.zip that this guide produced as an example. This is not something to flash to your phone as it is pretty useless without the google apps included (no Market, no Gmai, etc..).

So here we go...grab the guide (a .pdf file) and get to work....

AOSP Source Guide How to Build AOSP Source ROM
Example ROM The ota.zip created by the steps in this guide.